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Pokemon. One of the best video game franchises out there. I always grew up with Pokemon when I was a tyke after my brother showed me what it was all about. Over the past years, I played game after game after game and even played competitively even to this day.

However, back when I was playing my Pokemon Diamond, I still remember that one thing where most battlers love to do. Using some sort of emulator to ‘create’ their Pokemon teams. I thought it was fine after I got a Magmortar and a shiny Ho-Oh from some people who used it. For the Magmortar, I tried it out in the Battle Tower and I thought it was okay but when I got Pokemon Battle Revolution and uploaded the data from my Pokemon Diamond, it was a Bad Egg. That made me think it was not right after all as some players just hack to give ‘created’ Pokemon moves they shouldn’t learn in the first place.

Why am I telling you all of this? It’s because I’m going to take you back to the time that still haunts me to this day and why using emulators or other cheating devices can change your live forever.

It all began back when I was playing Pokemon Black 2. I was chilling out at home and I wanted to do some fun, online battling with my Pokemon I raised after a lot of breeding and EV training. The team I had was Jolteon, Ferrothorn, Gliscor, Volcarona, Conkeldurr and Tentacruel. I went on an online chat server that does Pokemon battles so I did the routine to ask if anyone wants to battle. A few minutes later, I got a challenger and its username was ‘xxx420GeTrEkTXXX’. Judging by the username, I thought the player was highly egotistical. Now, I’m not a big fan of those users as most of them only care for themselves and make fun of their opponents when they win which disgusts me. The most important thing about Pokemon battling is to have fun and respect each other no matter the result. However, that didn’t faze me so I went ahead and accepted the challenge anyway. We’ve exchanged Friend Codes and went online to face each other. After we both connected, our Pokemon teams were shown. My opponent’s team was Landorous-T (Landorous Therian Forme), Rotom-W (Rotom Wash Forme), Black Kyurem, Gengar, Heatran and Latias. Most of them I know what movesets to expect. I selected my Pokemon with Jolteon up first and the battle began…

That’s when the creepiness began…

When the battle kicked in, I noticed the battle music wasn’t playing when the VS screen popped up. Could it have been a bug which made the music lag? I thought about it until the battlefield was shown. The battle took place in a cemetery with a dark atmosphere which surprised me. How an earth can we battle in a cemetery? Was it another bug or did my opponent find a way to change the scenery? So many questions were scrambling through my mind I had to ask my opponent if he or she’s doing all of this. My opponent replied, “nope”. I’m not sure if that’s true or the player’s just mocking me. Still, I let that slide. Anyway, my Jolteon and my opponents’ Rotom-W are out first. At first, I know I was expecting Landorous-T as it is a very tough Pokemon to face since it is has very good type coverage. The movesets I predict the most were Choice Scarf and Stealth Rock sets. I let my Jolteon go for the Volt Switch while my opponent switched to Landorous-T unfortunately. I knew things were going to be tough but then I found something else really peculiar.
The Landorous-T sprite appears to be moving slower than usual. I know that happens when they are low on HP but this was at full HP. Suddenly, I heard something that sounds like a distorted voice. Okay, now things are getting creepy. I was so caught up on the attention that my opponent replied for me to hurry up. So without thinking, I commanded my Jolteon to go for Hidden Power Ice but Landorous-T went first as it WAS holding a Choice Scarf but the next thing I noticed the  message said:

“Foe’s Landorous-T appears incapable of using its power.”

What!? I don’t know what was that all about before my Jolteon took down the Pokemon with one hit thanks to his Life Orb. I heard the distorted voice again but this time it was louder. I began to dread what’s coming next. Even my opponent was freaked out by all of this as he or she was replying like mad saying if I’m doing all of this, which of course I’m not.

The next Pokemon my opponent sent out was Black Kyurem but its animation is different compared to the original. It looked like the Pokemon was suffocating for some unknown reason. It was really getting out of hand so I asked my opponent to consider disconnecting to prevent something else from happening but he or she replied it was not possible for some odd reason. I tried turning off the power too but my 3DS cannot switch off. Even force switching it off doesn’t work. So, I took a deep breath, regretting my only decision and kept playing. I attempting to switch out my Jolteon…but the message said:

“Jolteon can’t be switched out!”

Oh, come on! Seriously!? There’s two ability I can think off that prevents my Pokemon from switching out and that’s Shadow Tag and Arena Trap. I thought Black Kyurem had it so I asked about that.  But my opponent just replied “just hurry up” without question. I sighed and made my Jolteon to go for the Shadow Ball.

Suddenly, the scenery began to darken before the turn took place and I heard the distorted voice once again. My heart began to sink with fear as if I am having a panic attack. Then, the ominous music kicked in and the sky turned completely blood red. The music was so awful to listen to. I still heard it with the volume at mute. I couldn’t even think what’s going to happen next.

I then noticed a moving black puddle in the middle of the arena. It grew larger and larger until a shadowy figurine appeared from underneath.  It looked like a Darkrai but far worse. This one had a purple ghost plume on its head, a threatening metallic growth and blood-stained blades as hands. Even my Jolteon sprite looked scared just by looking at it.

This creature looked at the Black Kyurem with its back against me and creepily moved closer to my opponent. Then, a message popped up in red colored text…

“F O O L I S H  W A S T E  O F  F L E S H!”

At that precise moment, my opponent commented out of pure panic, replying to me what was going on and even crying out for help so I tried to by choosing my Jolteon to use Volt Switch so I can switch into Conkeldurr. However, Jolteon couldn’t move and another message was shown:

“Jolteon is too scared to move!”

I tried going for the move again and again but to no avail while my opponent came face to face with the ‘monster’ up close.
Another message was then shown:

“Y O U  H A V E  B R O K E N  T H E  L A W!  N O W   Y O U  W I L L   P A Y  F O R  Y O U R  S I N S!“

Law? What does it mean? Could it have been that the opponent I’m facing used an emulator just to battle and become the best? I felt like I was missing something.

As I thought about it, the ‘monster sheathed out one of its deadly claws, pierced through Black Kyurem’s chest, took its heart out and crushed it like it was an apple! I felt so petrified after I saw what the figure did to the Pokemon as blood was pouring from its body before it collapsed!
That’s when I tried to let my Jolteon attack that ‘thing’ once again but it was no good as the same message popped up every single time. What is going on here!? My opponent then sent out Heatran but its cry was distorted as the figure sucker punched it with another piercing strike which shattered the Pokemon’s head into a million pieces and melted until it was a black pool! The figure also did the same thing to my opponent’s Latias, Rotom-W and finally Gengar somehow. I couldn’t do anything! My Pokemon won’t attack, I couldn’t switch out, couldn’t flee and I couldn’t disconnect! I felt hopeless! All I could do was watch the whole thing.

Soon, the ‘thing’ had its focus to my opponent. My opponent did not send me any messages. I thought he or she was petrified after what had happened. Suddenly, the ‘figure’ spread its arms out and the unthinkable happened…
A loud, ear-grating sound was heard not from the game but from my opponent’s mic which turned on all by itself. It sounded like a giant metal grinder. I also heard my opponent who sounded like a man. He was screaming in agony, telling it to make it stop after dropping the DS with a thud. I felt his pain from my perspective. It was definitely horrid to listen to. After about 30 seconds, the sound abruptly stopped. There was silence…and all I could see was the shadowy figure.

It then turned around, showing its face at me and my Jolteon which gave me a jump of horror. This Darkrai figure had no eyes at all! Not even a face! It’s like I was staring into a black hole. The next thing I knew the shadowy figure was moving towards my Jolteon who was crying and shivering in fear. This made me panic as I didn’t want my Pokemon team I’ve raised and used for a long time to fall into the hands of the monster. I tried everything one last time. Attacking? Didn’t work! Switching Pokemon? Didn’t work! Running? Didn’t work! Not even disconnecting worked as I tried pressing the power button as fast as I could as it stood right in front of my Jolteon. Could this be fate?

“Oh no! Jolteon!”  I cried as the figure sheathed out its blood-stained claws and lifted one of its arms up. I closed my eyes and braced myself to expect the worst!

But nothing happened. I opened my eyes briefly to see what was happening. The figure was just standing there with its arm lowered. I didn’t know what happening until another creepy message popped up:

“Y O U  A R E  N O T   O N E   O F   T H E M.“

“O…One of who!?” I replied out loud.

“O N E   O F   T H O S E  S L O T H S  W H O   B R E A K   T H E   L A W   O F  B A L A N C E.“,  another message read.

I thought what it was talking about until I found out. The Darkrai figure was referring to those who use emulators to create teams because they wouldn’t bother raising their own Pokemon themselves. Even though I realised it, I still felt uneasy like somebody would backstab me.
One last message popped up:

“T O  S A V E  Y O U R S E L F,  R E L E A S E   T H O S E  W H O  W E R E  M A D E  F R O M  T H E  U N W O R T H Y!”

The game then ended with the following communication error message. In my life, I’ve never experienced something like that to happen. It was like I was in a nightmare. I held a palm on my head to recover from what I’ve been through. Then, I remembered the last message before the disconnection. I repeated it to myself over and over again…I knew what I had to do.

I went to my previous Pokemon games, Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon Black and Pokemon Black 2 and released those who I found are hacked. The Magmortar and the shiny Ho-Oh from Pokemon Diamond and the shiny Latios who I thought was legally EV Trained from Pokemon Black 2. I hoped that was enough for that shadowy figure to forgive me. After about 15 minutes of releasing those Pokemon, I decided to call it a night. I went to sleep to clear my head from what I’ve been through. Hoping it was all just a dream.

The next day, I woke up and got out of bed. As I was getting myself sorted, I looked at my 3DS on the floor, making me remember that dreadful time. I shrugged it off, picked up my 3DS and made myself some breakfast to chill and watch TV. Nothing was new on the TV when I was channel surfing until I came across a specific channel that surprised me. It was a news channel with the headline saying “Gamer mentally paralyzed after playing Pokemon”. The newscaster was going on saying the cause of this was unknown. There was even a heated argument about it.

As I was watching the news channel, I quickly turned on my 3DS and received a notification from the Nintendo Letter Box. Being the sort of person who wants to clear away all notifications I went to the software. I received a message from someone called “___” and strangely there was no Mii. I thought it was probably spam until the message opened up all by itself. It came up with the message after it was completely drawn:

“T H A N K   Y O U.”

That left an unforgettable scar in my lifetime which I will never forget even to this day. It certainly wasn’t a dream after all…

So for all those who want to play competitively, make sure you raise your Pokemon teams like they should be. Or else, you’ll get what’s coming to you…
(CREEPYPASTA) Pokemon Black 2: The Law
Here is my first Creepypasta story to celebrate Halloween. This one is all about the dangers of cheating...


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